Akihiro Sato – The Brapanese Guy

Last week, Vince invited me at the Grand Launch of Bluewater Day Spa’s Tomas Morato branch. I immediately said yes when I found out that the venue is just one tricycle ride to our workplace. The said popular spa chain had a number of celebrity endorsers in the past which includes Brad Turvey, Patty Sandel, Toni Gonzaga, Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera. The present endorsers are Karylle and the Brapanese hottie Akihiro Sato.


Akihiro Sato talks about his favorite Bluewater and Day Spa treatment

Can I confess something? The main reason why I really went there is to see Akihiro Sato in person. Aside from his good looks, I’ve heard a lot of testimonials about him that he is very approachable and accommodating. I mean come on, girls and gays can’t help but feel kilig whenever they see him in person. Might as well experience that, right?

So he entered the room with Karylle. Later on, they were introduced as the main endorsers of Bluewater Day Spa and gave their comments regarding the services they’ve tried. As expected, the owners asked Akihiro and Karylle to do the honors of raffling some prizes. I didn’t see it coming but…


And the lucky winner is...

Mica and Aki's Power Hug!

Mica and Aki's Power Hug!

Mica and Aki :D

Mica and Aki πŸ˜€

Thanks to Sire for capturing that moment! I won a GC and a power hug from the Brapanese model that made a lot of fangirls kilig. Now I am one of them! πŸ˜› I can describe it as one kulit moment LOL πŸ˜›


Now getting kilig beside the Brapanese Hottie *faints*

Now I am happy to have these nice pictures with Akihiro Sato. I hope Bluewater Day Spa keeps him as one of their endorsers forever LOL πŸ˜› I dunno, but why am i now writing a rom-com story in my head as i look at these pictures?! Brapanese guy, please be my leading man. Please? LOL!

Ok I’ll start writing a draft outline after I click the publish button πŸ˜›


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