FIRE ALERT! Edsa Shangri-la Mall Fire Photos – April 23, 2010

Just arrived home from Ortigas/Shaw. After having my laptop fixed at 10PM, I went to Shangri-la Shaw to get a cab easily. Unfortunately, a lot of passengers were waiting too so I decided to go to Starbucks Shang (the one at the ground floor) and occupied one vacant table. I ordered my favorite drink and started writing about my frustrations about my laptop.


A few minutes after, the guard approached me.

“Mam, labas na po muna tayo. Nasusunog yung kabilang establishment pero ‘wag po tayong mag-panic”.

And I didn’t panic. I patiently waited for my laptop to shut down properly then packed my things. A lot of people were already waiting outside and I can see big smoked coming from the other establishment.

I am not really sure if that is the supermarket part or if it is a resto. Since I have my camera with me, I took some photos and yes, i even plurked about it!


Fire trucks started coming in and the employees went out of the mall. According to some employees, something exploded inside. Instead of staying or waiting for updates, I managed to ride a bus and now I am home blogging about this.



Whew. In case of fire, do not panic. If you can take pictures, just keep on clicking as far as you know that you are not in danger. You can also plurk and tweet about it so that your online friends know where to find you just in case.

Whew. Thank God I’m home.


2 thoughts on “FIRE ALERT! Edsa Shangri-la Mall Fire Photos – April 23, 2010

  1. Maki

    Me and mom went to Shang yesterday because she thought it was open. It was closed because of the fire because they were doing a cleanup! :p


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