Random Ramblings Before I Leave for Cebu

During my interview for Qtube Taken by Ada Lajara

During my interview for Qtube Taken by Ada Lajara

After more than a month, my Bloggers Digest feature at QTube was finally shown. I am really happy with the outcome of the feature since they showed some of my blogs like Micamyx (Personal), Myx Technology (Tech), Pinoy Fans Club (Entertainment), Patay Gutom (Food) and of course, Missing Carlo (Personal/Autism). The main reason why I got lots of readers at my i.ph way back is because of my daily thoughts on my brother, Carlo. Now I believe that he is really my lucky gem. Seeing our photos on tv just feels good and i’m no longer emo about it. I am happy because those who were able to watch it that knows Carlo personally said that it somewhat made them cry because they miss seeing our kulitan together. Btw, he is 5’6 tall according to mom πŸ˜›

Babalik sa Sugbu! (na naman!)

Babalik sa Sugbu! (na naman!)

For the third time this year, I am going to Cebu with Ada, Winston and some of the Manila bloggers who will be attending the first ever Philippine Blog Awards-Visayas. I am pretty excited about this since its a first for the Visayas bloggers and I think this is my chance for me to bond with most of them since I failed to do it the last time. I am also excited on who will win at the different categories specifically for the Reader’s Choice since most of the nominees are my friends like Byahilo, Sinjin, Kevin, Bryan Karl and McBilly. Waaaah kalokah kayo LOL. Cebu is also a special place for me since the place itself has the power to make or break my heart (go figure out what that means πŸ˜› ) and yeah, I am craving for Pochero and Lechon! Rawr!

The Most Influential Blogger in my Life is.... Blogging T_T

The Most Influential Blogger in my Life is.... Blogging T_T

My influential friend Jehzlau recently wrote a blog entry entitled  What is an Influential Blogger? Truly, this is his best post beating my personal favorite which is Tell Me Where It Hurts. Though he may not really show it, I know that he is excited for the trip and the awards night itself. It had been his dream to really go to Singapore and I am hoping that through his nomination, he’d be able to realize how big he has done for the newbie bloggers as he welcomes them sincerely by giving them tips and tricks in SEO and Blogging. Ok, I mentioned him a lot of times here at my blog so just look around and know why i love kuya bunso πŸ˜›

Just this monday, I received an email that I won at the Pringles and Uniquely Singapore contest hosted by Nuffnang. That simply means that I’ll be able to witness the first-ever Nuffnang Blog Awards! I am excited because I met the new Nuffies the other night and I saw familiar names on the list of those who made it at the cut. I told my lolo about it and he is happy that our hardwork at my It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful entry paid off. Grandpa’s Girl is finally going to Singapore!

My Old Passport

My Old Passport which expired last March 22, 1999 πŸ˜›

Just last Tuesday, I processed the renewal of my passport. Thank God I was able to schedule an appointment at the DFA site last week and I was scheduled for appearance last Tuesday. I learned that there’s a lot of Fixers outside and I was almost fooled by someone. Oh well. I am still thankful though that I’ll be getting my new passport by Thursday, October 22 (a day before my flight to Singapore!). Yikes, that’s pretty scary! But I am remaining positive about it. I know I’ll make it. I’ll go to Singapore!

Ok so it’s already 5:30AM and I am planning to leave at 6AM to go to the airport yet i’m not yet done packing my things. Gotta go now!


10 thoughts on “Random Ramblings Before I Leave for Cebu

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  2. Micamyx Post author

    @clarence – Nice seeing you again! Wala ata tayong pic together wah!

    @Jehz – Woot! Tulog na tulog ka eh huhu

    @david.edward -Tinambak ko lang mga damit ko hehe

    @Sinjin – Nice seeing you again dear! πŸ˜€

  3. fruityoaty

    I have to agree… Jehz’s recent post about what it means to be an influential blogger… was pretty bang on awesome. Cool dude.

    Hope you have fun at the PBA Visayas awards. And congrats once again on your well-deserved blog recognition/attention. πŸ™‚

    Adieu for now,
    Massa P

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Ada – Hehehe oo nga. Kapag tinitignan ko siya ngayon, natatawa ako LOL. The DFA San Fernando, La Union experience is still fresh in my memory though. Waaaah

    @Fruityoaty – Wow thank you so much πŸ™‚ I had so much fun at the PBa Visayas leg. I’m gonna blog about it in a bit πŸ˜€


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