We will miss you, Marky Cielo!

I was watching the last part of the Cinemaone Originals 2008 movie “ALON” with Ed and Sire when I received a text message from an online friend. He was asking me if the rumors about Marky Cielo’s death is true. I then went to the comfort room and called Tita Dida (mom of Jade Lopez) and she confirmed that the news is indeed true.

I started to cry.

I met Marky Cielo last year through Jade Lopez sometime in March this year. Marky Cielo is a part of the GMA-7 Sinenovela “Kaputol ng Isang Awit” with Glaiza de Castro, Lovi Poe and Jolo Revilla.

I remember my first encounter with Marky. The shoot was in Ateneo. We only managed to exchange smiles and he was busy playing with his PSP.

After a week, we met again at the taping of the show at Zirkoh Greenhills. It was the time wherein I was able to bond with the rest of the cast of the show like Tuesday Vargas and Glaiza de Castro. He is playing the role of Eric, the manager/boyfriend of Lovi’s character. During breaks, he would say hi to some of his fans and he approached me asking if I am the cousin of Jade. He is really approacheable and he really loves to dance even on breaks.

The location of the next shoot is in the LRT office. So I was there and I told him that I can understand Ilocano. We had a small chat in Ilocano and he kept on teasing Jade. and Ate Nheng. He even thought me this dance step that he learned from his SOP rehearsal.

The fourth and final encounter with him is the most memorable. We were in Fernwood for the shoot. We were there from 9pm to 6am. Since majority were sleepy and the senior stars were the first ones to be shot, I, together with Jade Lopez, Isabel Granada, Ate Casper, Ate Nheng and Marky Cielo decided to take some pictures and play like little kids. He reminisced how some kids would call him “Zaido Green” because of his exposure in the fantaserye “Zaido”.

He saw me scanning my notes from the scriptwriting class I took last summer. He told me that he would love to star in an indie film soon. I also learned that he is somewhat allergic to cigarrettes and he seldom drinks. He also mentioned something about his home in Antipolo and he kept on teasing Jade. Isabel Granada revealed some of Marky’s secrets from his Zaido days (May niligawan nga ba siyang co-star? hmmmm).

Then they were called for the final scene. The scene involved a big fire and hatred. Tirso Cruz III burned the big banner of Lovi Poe in revenge to Gary Estrada. It was a delicate scene and thank God we all went home safe.

When we parted ways, he asked me when I’ll be going to Antipolo since I found out that he lives near the place of my aunt. When Jade and I went home, he was texting us how happy he was that morning.

Who would have thought that after ten months he will say goodbye for good?

Marky, I would like to thank you for being so accommodating and for being an inspiration to us. Your fans love you dearly for who you are. You will be remembered as the sweet and charming boy who proved that Igorots are talented too.

We will miss you, Marky!


9 thoughts on “We will miss you, Marky Cielo!

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  2. dotep

    kawawa nga yan, kasi wala daw bisyo tapos nadale pa…

    ganun talaga, hindi natin alam ang mga mangyayari…

    kapag nangyari na, tanggapin…

    ang nakaraan sariwain…

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