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Rihanna: The Last Song Syndrome Queen

RIHANNA is one of the hottest personalities in the international music in the recent years. With chart-topping hits, interesting personal life and dedication her craft, Rihanna is a superstar in her own right!

Rihanna, you da one and only LSS Queen!

I love Rihanna and although I am not a die-hard fan of hers, I do love to sing and dance with her songs. Actually, I think her songs have the power to capture every listener’s attention and eventually keep it on loop until one gets tired of it. I can mention a number of awkward encounters wherein I sing out loud or dance in a public place one I hear a song of hers LOL. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it! Most of Rihanna’s songs can cause one the so-called ‘Last Song Syndrome’.

Want me to give examples? Here you go!

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