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Water discovered on faraway planet – space inspired fashion

They may not have discovered life on Mars, but astronomers have recently found a distant planet with water in its atmosphere. Understandably the science community is pretty excited by this news, though the planet is still fairly inhospitable to life.

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

If little green men do decide to arrive in their droves, there’s plenty of space inspired fashion for them to choose from. Over the past few years, high end fashion designers, from McQueen to Wang, have given out-of-this-world fashion pride of place on the runway.

Space inspired fashion is all about sharp angles, striking patterns, and skin tight pieces (we have Star Trek to thank for that). McQueen’s 2010 collection is one of the most famous examples of space inspired fashion, with peculiar silhouettes, digital prints and downright bizarre materials creating a real otherworldly effect, including crab-claw style high heels.

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