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Meeting Paolo Contis

We’ve known Paolo Contis since he was introduced as one of the childstars of the afternoon tv show Ang TV. He made us laugh with his funny antics and made us cry with his drama skills. He became a popular child actor together with Patrick Garcia, Camille Pratts among others.

When he reached his teenage years, a lot of young stars were introduced by ABS-CBN (via Star Circle) but still, Paolo never ran out of projects. He appeared in comedy shows and was included in a number of movies.

We all know that he gained weight and he admitted several times that he didn’t get the roles he wnated because he is a bit chubby. Thanks to Dra. Vicki Belo and the Belo Medical Group for helping him gain his confidence by undergoing a liposuction procedure. We all know that in the Philippine entertainment industry, one needs to take good care of his physical looks to get more projects.

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