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MIDNIGHT FANTASY: On Victoria Beckham’s Underrated Debut Album and What Could’ve Been’s

Victoria Adams-Beckham is my favorite Spice Girl. Well, she wasn’t initially my favorite (because she didn’t have a single solo line in Wannabe), but as time progressed, I find her personality endearing and the one I can relate to among the five. My love for her intensified when I read the book ‘Learning to Fly’ and saw her interviews during and after her days as Posh Spice.

Now, a lot of people know her either as the wife of David Beckham, a fashion icon and a doting mum to four beautiful children.

When the Spice Girls broke up (or when Geri Halliwell suddenly left), the girls worked on solo projects. There’s Melanie C’s collaboration with Bryan Adams with the smash hit ‘When You’re Gone’ which eventually led to the release of her debut album ‘Northern Star’. Melanie B teamed up with Missy Elliot for ‘I Want You Back’ and Emma Bunton with Tin Tin Out for the remake of ‘What I Am’.

Victoria was the last one to pursue a solo music project. She was already pregnant when Geri left the group. Her marriage to David and being a mum to Baby Brooklyn became a priority.

Eventually, she was invited on the True Steppers – David Bowers dance track ‘Out of Your Mind’. By the time she released this, the interest in the solo projects of the Spice Girls is starting to decline. By then, her peers had their #1 songs already and some had released their albums: Melanie C with Northern Star, Geri Halliwell with Schizophonic, Emma Bunton with A Girl Like Me and Melanie B with HOT. The single reached #2 in the charts and she was first enthusiastic about it and finally, she is determined to work on her solo album much to the delight of her loyal fans (like me!).

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Top 10 Kylie Minogue Music Videos

Kylie Minogue is the Aphrodite of Pop Music. With a colorful career spanning more than 30 years, this goddess is one of the very few lucky ones to start a career as a teen actress in a popular soap opera to pop superstar that she is today.

Kylie Minogue

Last month, my family and I drove to Brighton for the Pride in the Park 2019 show which is one of the highlights of Brighton Pride 2019. Why is it a highlight? Well, Kylie Minogue is the headliner!

The LGBTQ+ community consider Kylie as one of their icons. It is so easy to understand why: From her ballads to her dance tunes to her fashion style and her music videos, she is truly adored and loved by her fanbase.

Speaking of music videos, I thought of sharing my own list of Top 10 Kylie Minogue Music Videos. I never thought it will be this hard! I do applaud her and the whole Kylie team for making the magic happen!

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Introducing VIBBIDI: Appreciating Your Favorite Music Albums Through Narratives

Movies, Music and Travel. These are three things that I am really passionate about. When I am not traveling, I would go to the cinema to escape from reality for a while. When I am on a long trip, I listen to music to still be inspired on my idle time. These three are related in one way or another.

My Vibbidi Narratives featuring Jennifer Lopez (On The 6), Shakira (Laundry Service) and Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman)

I am happy to announce that I have an ongoing collaboration with a new platform called VIBBIDI!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any device that has an internet connection. I’ve been using it for a month now and it is just fun to rediscover some of the albums that I loved in the past and to find new materials from emerging artists.

The thing that I love about Vibbidi is the feature called ‘Narratives’. In this section, music lovers share how a specific album means to them and how they can relate to the artists. As I publish this post, I’ve written the following:

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