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Florida Cities You Should Consider when Retiring

I think we can all agree retiring in Florida is the dream spot for just about everyone. There are so many cities that offer such great environments. It is not a secret once you hit the age of 65 you begin to fantasize about Florida. 

Many people over the age of 60 move here after retiring. It is in the top 10 of the most tax-friendly states. This means there is no income tax. 

Photo by Denys Kostyuchenko on Unsplash

Other than the money factors, Florida is beautiful. The so many beaches, bars, and restaurants you can go to really describe the state as a whole.

There are plenty of cities to think about when trying to find the right party spot, but there are even more cities to think about when retiring. 

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On becoming physically fit and more mindful with my health

I have to admit, I have never been too conscious about health since I was young. Don’t get me wrong, I know the value of health and the good habits that I have to follow in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I grew up eating vegetables on a daily basis and I was also a dancer when I was still a student. Growing up with ‘thin’ body, I never really considered dieting.

As I grow older, eating veggies, drinking water and having a good sleep becomes not sufficient in terms of maintaining a sound mind and body. This pandemic and the intermittent lockdowns took a toll on my mobility, our physical activities included.

I am definitely Koya and RJ in this scenario

Therefore this year, I told myself, I will be including regular exercise to supplement my already healthy lifestyle. Since I am not a gym rat (you’ll never see me there!), I have to make other alternatives – aka home workouts, work for me.

While mindlessly scrolling through the internet, I found this great site that would help me in my new goal to gaining strong physical health.

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How Playing Games Can Help You Relax

Having watched In The Soop 2, with all the chill vibes and entertainment, it inspired me to look back and reassess my life for the past months. I have been working non-stop! I have to make rest day a truly relaxing day.

“To me, resting is not putting meaning into time spent for self-improvement.” – Jin. 

A line that resonates with me was the statement from the world wide handsome himself, JIN. He said that during rest day, no work should be involved. Rest day should be plainly that – a day of rest.

That is why lately I have been playing and enjoying myself with some of the games from this site: Apart from Solitaire, the site also has different games you could play! Here are two of my favorites.


Letter Scramble

Hello my favorite childhood board game Letter Scramble! I am such a wanna-be connoisseur of words! Specifically, I love the challenge of finding and creating words from a set of letters otherwise non-legible to others. It gives me the sense of excitement as I rearrange and arrange letters to make sense. Add the challenge of a ticking clock, then the excitement nothing but doubled! Apart from the game itself, I love how the website is just user-friendly, very straightforward and easy to navigate. It doesn’t need any fancy computer knowledge or other equipment for you to enjoy this game.

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