Writing the Right Stuff (Yet another random post)

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am here right now blogging live from my room at 6:35AM. I am not yet sleepy and i don’t have any plans of sleeping. My body wants to lie down and enter dreamland while my mind is telling me to write the right stuff in order to turn my dream into reality.

Playing with Words

I write for a living. I write for a tabloid, I write in my blogs and I write screenplays hoping to be recognized one day. I live because i write. I believe that it is the only medium i can freely express myself. I am not a ‘showy’ person and i am not even vocal in real life. I think i only have the power to make someone i love feel special when i write something about him/her.

I have a lot of draft posts found in my dashboard and i really can’t figure out why i can’t finish most of them. There’s a blog entry about my grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary, my future travel plans and other personal stuff. As much as possible, i would like to keep my Micamyx blog as personal as possible. I would like to put all travel-related posts in Senyorita, but i keep on going back here T_T. The funny thing there is i am the one imposing my own rules and i end up disappointing myself.

Let’s go to scriptwriting. Once again, my brain is overloaded with stories. My mentor from Sinelab namely Mike Dagnalan was recently recognized as the Best Director in the CinemaOne Originals 2010. His film ‘Layang Bilanggo’ also bagged the Best Picture, Best Actor (Pen Medina ftw!) and Best Screenplay (Mike Dagnalan, Melchor Escarcha and Maan Asuncion. I am once again inspired to try filmmaking again. It won’t be easy since it is an expensive hobby, but i’ll keep on writing. Who knows, maybe someone might just e-mail me and expresses his intentions of producing one of my works? I have alternate plans for next year. I will use my extra time to work on the things i want to accomplish before getting married… errr. wut? 😐

Speaking of screenplays, i am also having a hard time writing them on MS Word right now. I always end up writing on recycled paper in a very messy way. Full of arrows and erasures. What is making me a bit frustrated right now is everytime i attempt to finish a screenplay, blogging calls me then later on, work requires me to write. Although i am good in multitasking (am i? lolz), it can get a bit tiring sometimes and you even end up not accomplishing anything. As i type this, another Google Chrome tab point to my travel blog. The other one points to my Twitter page and another one in my inbox. Another window points to a black MS Word document and yes, there’s also notepad. Why is this window open?

Are you still reading this, my dear reader? If your answer is no, then most probably you’re lying because you’re reading this text Haha 😛 I am totally random this morning and i am now craving for a Tapa King breakfast meal. I also want to transform my written outline into a screenplay, but my eyes is telling me to rest and sleep. My mind is screaming objection, but my heart is telling me to take it slow.

How am i gonna end this post now? Right, I’ll stop writing.

But i can’t!

Ok. Stop. Writing.

… Right.

Photo Credit: Bryan Karl

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6 Comments to Writing the Right Stuff (Yet another random post)

  1. pusang-kalye
    November 16th, 2010 at 8:10 am

    commenting here while chatting to the owner of this blog in fb….ayoko na atang maging ariter, you ger to have a lot of ideas in your mind and you have to let it out kaya dika makatulog minsan hahaha

    ….and what about not being vocal;? hmmmmm…… hindi ako convinced.lol

    but I know you are a good writer. so as long as andyan yung motivation, take advantage of it. the next BIG thing is about to come!!!

  2. ormanganda
    November 16th, 2010 at 9:53 am

    sis… come back to gensan… i will find an inspiration|motivator for you… hehehehe!

  3. Gourdo's Stores
    November 18th, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    I smile when i read your article, i think you right smart and there is a funny side to what you say. love your blog. congrats

  4. Philip
    November 23rd, 2010 at 12:09 am

    You have a knack on putting humor on your posts. I like the last part of this post. Lol. Keep it’s going! 🙂

  5. Micamyx
    November 24th, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    @Pusang Kalye- Thank you for supporting my insanity many many :))

    @OrmanGanda – Where na? Wer na u motivator hahaha 😛

    @Gourdo and Philip – Thank you 😀

  6. mark
    November 27th, 2010 at 2:13 am

    I can super relate! If you’d ask me how many draft posts I have – I can count up to twenty.lol.

    While typing this I’m randomly thinking of a good response for this blog filled with random ideas.Just so you know, I am lying on my bed with the laptop over my tummy, my knees bent to support the back of the lappy-toppy and pushing some buttons on the keyboard.lol.I’m also craving for pizza since it’s good for a midnight snack.lol.My brother is right beside me snoring to MAX!

    My mind is as random as you are (while you were writing this post).
    And I’m also inspired since you’re trying to motivate yourself to write good stuffs and this is just one of those.I never thought randomblogging could be this fun – Slapsticks!

    I LOL-ed on the “Why is this window open?”.It just so happen that I asked myself the same thing because “Notepad’s” open (while writing this :p )

    And yes, like you do, I also impose my own rules and end up violating them. Teehee!

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